For Christians

For Christians

Some christians choose to engage with a christian clinician for therapy, as they prefer establishing a therapeutic relationship with someone who possesses both professional qualifications and shares their beliefs and world view. While this is not a necessity, this choice offers advantages, including a shared understanding of lifestyle issues (such as church attendance) and a common knowledge of the Bible.

However, it’s important to note that in many cases, the nature of the therapy offered to christians is not any different from that provided to non-christians. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of specific therapy types and techniques in treating various mental health problems, irrespective of the client’s gender, age, or religious affiliation. Nevertheless, some christians do find it beneficial to converse with someone who shares their worldview.

In our practice at Denton Clinical Psychology, Fiona Denton, Fiona Tung, and Anne Perrottet are christians. Within christian circles, Denton Clinical Psychology is gaining recognition as a practice where clients can receive therapy from highly qualified therapists who share the christian faith.

Please be aware that clinicians adhere to a code of ethics requiring them to remain impartial and non-judgmental towards clients’ personal, spiritual, or moral beliefs. Regardless of your belief system, you can be assured that Denton Clinical Psychology will provide you with the same high-quality service.

If you are looking for assistance from a christian psychologist who is both professionally qualified and shares your beliefs, contact us at 9980 5729 or 0439 738 763. Our goal is to provide support and guidance to enhance your mental health and overall well-being. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.